Football Jerseys’ History on Bayern Munich

Upon seeing impressive honors and accolades won by Bayern Munich, each would take it as a competent football club in the Bundesliga. After previous five consecutive winnings as a striking champion, Bayern Munich was the winner of the Bundesliga Champions title for the sixth time. So it is certainly that releases of new football kits have been waited for a long time.

Adjustments of Home Kits’ Color Scheme

In the very beginning, the color scheme of home football kits feature white and blue. Since they joined MSC in 1905, white tops have been matched with black bottoms. From that time, MSC once regulated that all football players have to wear red shorts, which were resisted by all players. Red shorts were regarded as insults to young footballers, because of their absent of experience.

Over the years, football kits of Bayern Munich has witnessed many adjustments. In 1968/69 season, manufactures adopted the home kits to a certain extent, printing white stripes, and matching them with blue shorts and socks. It is astonished that the whole look was changed in 1973/74. Then the football team wore all white football jerseys, which were printed withe red and blue accents.

Together with changes to appearances of home jerseys, some basic elements have been changed, too. So far, the home strips always keep their main elements in general while subtle adjustments have been made.

Cooperation with Adidas

In the last five decades, Adidas is responsible for producing FCB’s home, away, third and training sportswear. For the sake of extending contract, most football fans are accustomed to clothes manufactured by Adidas, speaking highly of their products. Some believes that the reasons of popular products lie in long-term and stable cooperative relationship,which is different with other football clubs who regularly change their manufactures.

In spite of their long-term cooperation over 50 years, Adidas still make efforts to keep pace with times when it refers to styling of football jerseys. It is the attitude that fans trust Adidas for many years. After great successes in the 2017/18 season, Adidas take the opportunity to renew their contract 10 years further. Both parties all would like to see such a extension. So in the following two decades, we would see them tangled together till 2030. It’s said that Adidas and FCB agreed on sky-high sponsor fee €900m.

Hit Home Strips of FCB

After know more about history behind the fiery red classic football shirts, it’s time that we looked into details and concepts of those shirts. In general, football shirts, donning by footballers who have reached a great success, are more likely become popular for great significance. Let’s look at following shirts:

FCB Home Jersey 2012-2013

Bayern Munich Home Shirt 2017-2018

Bayern Munich Home Top 2018-2019

On the predominant red home shirt, some white and gold details are printed on them, forming a unique look for the FCB football kits. In spite of complicated vertical stripes, 2012/13 home jerseys of FCB remind all important memory.

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Rumors Involving Lucas Hernandez of Bayern Munich

It’s said that Bayern Munich purchased the defender Lucas Hernandez from Spanish club Atletico Madrid. In recent days, the rumor has been denied by FCB (Bayern Munich). Sources reveal that the defender Hernandez will move to a German champion for €80m in the winter transfer window.

The La Liga club published their statement, which sheds lights on the information published by Marca on Bayern Munich. They explicitly denied the supposed deal. It’s only rumors and the footballer will not leave FCB and move to a German Champion. In addition, FCB also denied the supposed deal with German side, because of harmonious relations between FCB and Atletico Madrid this afternoon.

Atletico Madrid also clarifies and states that the Lucas Hernandez was still a footballer of Spanish side and he will not leave the team right now. Actually, there is no need to worry about such information. They are creating a team rather than selling it. Marca also states that the French footballer, winner of World Cup, reached a four-year contract with Bundesliga side, because he was told his great significance in the team. Marca also reported that FCB will fully pay buyout clause in his professional contract.

It is regulated that all footballers must be given a specific price in professional contract. Such a regulation allows a football player could be bought for fear of a deal violating wishes of related parties. In December, 2014, Hernandez completed his debut in Atletico Madrid kit, and established himself as a regular of Diego Simeone’s team. He has made great contributions to Europa League success last season prior to winning a spot in the French team.

In case the supposed deal comes true, Hernandez will become a expensive defender in history, second to Virgil van Dijk. In January, 2018, Virgil van Dijk moved to Liverpool for £75m.

Transfer Window

The transfer window is around the corner. All football clubs in Europe are planning for businesses in January. We will delve into deals right now. At first, we need to know needs of every football club. Manchester City features two football players in every position. Thus, a competent defender and a left-back would be on the list of purchasing.

The critical position in the plan of Pep Guardiola lies in midfielders, who act as the focus in defense and attacking. Although Fernandinho’s performances in the position is perfect, but it’s a high risk to keep this 33-year-old football player, because any injury could be a disaster for him and the team. The only left-back was ruled out of football games until February. In addition, two replacements Fabian Delph and Oleksandr Zinchenko performed well in the position.

Who is the most probable person? It’s said that all newly signed football player would not emerge in the transfer window. Man City’s boss is also aware their week areas in midfield and would like to get the Italian football player in the summer. Ahead of this purchasing, he chose to follow Maurizio Sarri from Napoli to Chelsea.

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Bayern München 2015-16 Away Shirt

Bayern München is a German sports club located in Munich, Bavaria and is famous for the professional football team. The squad has won 27 Bundesliga titles and 17 Deutscher Fussball Bund Pokal trophies. Currently Bayern has become the most successful club in Germany. There is no doubt that the club owns a few excellent and world-famous players.

According to the news from Bayern Munich’s official website, Säbener Strasse becomes quiet when there are games being held among national teams that is a place where FCB Service Center was located to offer members, fans and customers of Bayern a wide range of services related to the club, such as ticketing and selling football products. Now 13 players of the club are back to their national teams, so the chief coach Josef Heynckes has a break. He returns home to accompany his wife and dog Cando. Only a few players train each day led by assistant coach Peter Hermann and Hermann Gerland. Therefore, some young footballers have the opportunity to watch the training of professional players at close quarters.

One of famous players who play for Bayern is Thomas Müller, born on 13 September 1989. He also plays for Germany national team as an attacking midfielder, second striker or centre forward. As of June 2014, Müller totally appeared 256 times and scored 101 goals for Bayern, making him a core play of the club. Besides, he helped Germany national team get the third place of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, with five goals and three assists. In 2014, the national team won the championship of the FIFA World Cup with the aid of Müller. Accordingly he was awarded FIFA World Cup Silver Ball.

Müller got married his beautiful wife when they were 20 years old. Lisa Müller often watches her husband’s games, wearing in Müller’s match jersey. I think that fans of Thomas Müller want to wear their favorite player’s shirt to support him, too. Discount football kits are available for you in online stores.

There is an away shirt of Bayern München for the 2015-16 season unveiled by Adidas and the club jointly in July 2015. The new jersey combines the tradition of the club and current fashion trends, which is easily recognized on football pitches and looks stylish in daily life.

This away shirt is predominately white with red details including classic three stripes and its brand logo. The team badge and sponsor’s name are shown on the shirt. Four five-pointed stars represent the titles of the top league in Germany even in the world. The shirt features colored horizontal stripes on the chest(dark blue, red and gray stripes) and dark blue cuffs. Like the home jersey, the bottom of the shirt is inlaid with diamond patterns, symbolizing the millions of members of Bayern around the world. “Mia san Mia(I am what I am)” is printed at the back of the collar, which is an indispensable element when designers created the shirt.

The adizero shirt ensures players run faster and become more comfortable during 90 minutes. Additionally, ultra-lightweight and breathable fabric allows them to run freely without damaging flexibility and durability. Climacool technology also makes athletes cool and dry.

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2014 – 15 Werder Bremen Home Jersey

Following the traditional color scheme, the 2014-15 Werder Bremen home football shirt is predominately green, which is the classic color of the Werder Bremen team. Once upon a time, the football team was the mainstay of the Bundesliga and boasts a promising young team.

In the very beginning, the Werder Bremen football club was started by a high school students, who have won sports equipment back in the late 1800s. Werder is also called “river peninsula”, because all footballers are trained on the sports field near the riverside. During the pre-war period around the 1930s, the football club gaining progresses gradually; the club also have won Bundesliga four times and German Cup six times since its inception in the 1960s. In the recent years, the big successes count the 2004 double league and cup, the play-off in the 2009 UEFA Cup.

For the reason of new rivalry aside Hamburg and Schalke, the football club have poached players with a large sum of transfer fee to disturb the team. So, the team has slumped slightly for outside disruption. Instead of bright or bold green, the darker and earthier green is taken as the base color, which related to the River Weser, and the nearby countryside and woodland. Following the traditional color scheme, both folded collar and ends of cuffs are white, leaving a fitting contrast effect to all people. Two buttons under the chin and slightly lower than neck are stitched to the collar. Green and white club crest and orange Nike Swoosh are stitched to the left and right chest respectively. The logo of sponsor are printed in the center of the front. Three letters “SVW” are printed on the back of the shirt, standing for Sportverein Werder, or sport club Werder in English.

All football shirts manufactured by Nike are made from 100% polyester, creating a kind of durable and lightweight football kit. The machine washable football shirts could be easily cleaned and dried in short time. Special fabric manufactured by Dri-FIT could discharge perspiration from the surface of body quickly and facilitate the evaporation process.

2017/18 Schalke Home Football Shirt

Recently, our website procured a batch of 2017-18 Schalke home football shirt from manufacturer directly. And all products placed on our website could be purchased at a low price. All Schakle football kit are made from 100% recycled polyester, which aims at leaving the world a cleaner and a greener place. Taking blue as the main color of the Schalke football kit, each side of the shirt are adorned with three symbolic white stripes standing for victory. Although looks like a polo shirt from a distance, the collar V-shaped collar is navy. The mesh panels are used at the armpits to improve the breathability. The club crest of Schalke 04 and white Adidas logo are printed on the left and right chest respectively.


In the center of the front, the shirt is printed with the sponsor logo. In order to keep the unity of the football shirt, the back of the football shirt is all blue.

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Bayern Munich Away Football Shirt 2017-18

For loyal fans of Bayern Munich, they must remember the home shirts designed for 1997-98 and 1998-99 seasons, which have been the most popular jerseys up to now. World-famous footballers showed their strength completely from 1997 to 1999, including Giovane Elber, Hasan Salihamidzic, Bixente Lizarazu and so on.

The design of 2017-18 away shirt aims to show respect for the classic home shirts. This away shirt is predominately navy blue with a red stripe on the front of the shirt. It features a retro V-neck collar and classic Adidas three stripes on shoulders. Indispensable Adidas brand logo and the club crest are shown on the chest and the four stars symbolize 20 titles of Bundesliga Bayern Munich has got. “Mia san Mia(I am what I am)” is knitted at the back of the shirt, which is also necessary for this club.

The lightweight fabric makes players move freely and easily, on the other hand, it is so breathable that players can be cool and comfortable during 90 minutes.

Most importantly, Adidas shirts are manufactured by recycled polyester reducing the impact on environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

When Giovane Elber was five years old, he started to train at a Brazilian football club, Londrina EC until 1990. On 1 July, 1997, Elber transferred to Bayern Munich. In 1997-98 season, he helped the club win the title of Deutscher Fussball Bund Pokal and the runner-up of Bundesliga. In 1999-2000 season, Elber helped the club get the championships of the two sporting events that have been mentioned. In 2000-2001 season, the club won the championship of UEFA Champions League after 25 years. Besides, the club won Bundesliga again this season because of Elber’s 15 goals.

Giovane Elber also got several individual awards. He was named the Top scorer and Best foreign player of Swiss League in 1993-94 season. Additionally, he also got the Bundesliga Top scorer award in 2002-03 season.

Hasan Salihamidzic has played for Bayern Munich for nine years. He totally played 216 games and scored 35 goals. With his help, the club won Bundesliga six times and Intercontinental Cup.

Bixente Lizarazu gained almost the honors he could get during his footballer career. He was dedicated to playing for Bayern. He always deserves fans’ respect.

Recently, Thomas Müller, an outstanding footballer of Bayern Munich, helped the club defeat their enemy Beşiktaş Futbol Kulübü in a match of 2018 UEFA Champions League. In the absence of injured captain Manuel Neuer, Müller took responsibility as he led the team in all areas. He has two goals, one assist, and a tireless instigator and motivator for the team. “That’s Müller, he did!” declared coach Jupp Heynckes, “He’s a player who’s really important to our system because he can sometimes score a goal out of nothing. He’s very much on top of his game and can motivate others. He’s always in the right place thanks to his effervescence, pace, and the speed of his reactions. That makes him unique.”

As a player of German national team, he got FIFA World Cup Golden Boot award in 2010 and FIFA World Cup Silver Boot award in 2014 due to his good performance.

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2017-2018 Schalke 04 Away Football Shirt

According to the latest data, Schalke 04 ranks the fourth in German football clubs, which has been improved its success. Futball-Club Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04, commonly known as FC Schalke 04, is a traditional and strong football club in Germany and Europe competing in Bundesliga that is a top football league in the world. The club was founded in the Schalke district of Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia in 1904, so it is called Die Knappen (The Miners) because its location was a coal-mining centre. In addition, it has another nickname Die Königsblauen (The Royal Blues) because of its traditional blue home jersey.

As a strong club, FC Schalke 04 has got lots of champions. It got seven champions of Bundesliga, five titles of Deutscher Fussball Bund Pokal. It won DFL-Supercup in 2011, DFB-Liga-Pokal in 2005, and UEFA Europa League in 1996-97 season.

FC Schalke 04 is a club with a long history but a young style. It has countless football fans around the world.

Veltins-Arena is the home stadium of FC Schalke 04 located in Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It has a league capacity of 62,271 (standing and seated) and an international capacity of 54,740 (seated only). The 2004 UEFA Champions League Final and 5 matches of the 2006 FIFA World Cup were held here. Most noticeably, the stadium has a retractable roof and a retractable pitch. Loyal fans who want to know the ins and outs of the stadium can experience it through an exclusive stadium tour (on days outside of sporting events). You can feel the excitement and passion here.

Together with Adidas, FC Schalke 04 officially released Schalke 04 Away Football Shirt in May, 2017 for the coming 2017-18 season. It would make its match debut on May 20th when Die Königsblauen (The Royal Blues) closed out their Bundesliga season at Ingolstadt.

White is the main color of the new away shirt with a blue round collar. There are also blue elements shown on the shirts to contrast with the white base of the kit. Adidas three stripes are placed on the shoulders this time. The front of the shirt is adorned with an embroidered FC Schalke 04 crest, Adidas logo and light blue heat-applied sponsor logo. The “04” in the club’s name derives from its formation in 1904. Besides, the cuffs of the short-sleeved shirt are blue, too.

The sliver-gray prints on the front of the shirt are inspired by the classic shirts worn in 1992-94 season in order to pay tribute to these legendary Schalke jerseys. The iconic shirts have been transformed into a contemporary design. At the back of the collar, there is a slogan “Wir leben dich(We live depending on you.)”.

Blue shorts and white socks with “S04” and blue stripes complete the away shirt. The kit is made from 100% of polyester reducing the impact on environment.

The away shirts are being sold at Cheap Football Shirts Replica and UK Soccer Shop. It is a must for all FC Schalke 04 fans.

“This new away shirt perfectly combines the tradition of the retro 1990s’ shirts and the classic design of loyal blue and white shirts.” said Alexander Jobst, the marketing director of the club.

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2017-2018 Borussia Dortmund Home Football Shirt

Bundesliga, the top football league in Germany, was founded in 1962 in Dortmund. It is governed by Union of European Football Associations(UEFA) and first season started in 1963. As one of Europe’s big five football leagues, it ranks second in Europe according to UEFA’s league coefficient. Bundesliga comprises 18 teams and the winner of Bundesliga qualifies for the DFL-Supercup.

There are famous football clubs competing in Bundesliga. Borussia Dortmund(BVB) is one of them and is fans’ favorite club in Germany. The club is commonly known as Dortmund and it has got lots of trophies. It won 8 champions of Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and Toyota Cup.

These great victories owe to excellent and professional footballers.

Kagawa Shinji was born on March 17, 1989 in Kobe, Japan. A goal-scoring midfielder, he is known for his “vision, technique, movement and deft passing”. Kagawa holds the records for most appearances and goals by a Japanese player in UEFA club competitions.

Marco Reus is a professional footballer playing as a forward for Dortmund. He helped the club get two successive champions of DFL-Supercup and reach the finals of UEFA Champions League in 2012-13 season. Reus got 2013 Footballer of the Year award and was selected as the club’s most valuable player in 2011-12 season.

Dortmund plays its home games in Signal Iduna Park. It offers space for 81,360 people. Anyone who wants to know the ins and outs of Germany’s biggest stadium can experience the stadium through an exclusive stadium tour (on days outside of sporting events). You can feel the excitement and passion here.

Borussia Dortmund jerseys are, without doubt, popular among millions of football fans. Recently, PUMA and Borussia Dortmund unveiled 2017-2018 Borussia Dortmund Home Football Shirt with a theme “Pure Emotion”. The new football jersey shows passion, determination and joy of the club and its fans that are renowned across the world and connects closely football fans with the club.

Borussia Dortmund home jerseys are traditionally yellow and black, so the club has its nickname “Die Schwarzgelben (The Black and Yellows)”.

The new jersey has a modern v-shaped neckline with slightly raised collar. It is mainly yellow with black elements. Black horizontal stripes bring strong visual impact. Besides, PUMA Formstrip is used on both sides of the shoulders and sleeves. The front of the shirt is adorned with an embroidered Borussia Dortmund crest, PUMA logo and white heat-applied sponsor logo. Two five-pointed stars above the club crest represent 8 champions of Bundesliga. At the back of the shirt, there is “BVB”, the simplified name of the club on the top, and “DORTMUND” at the bottom.

ACTV Thermo-R technology is, as always, used to produce the new shirt to maintain body temperature. In addition, the shirt engineered with DryCELL technology can wick sweat away from players’ skin to keep them feeling dry and comfortable.

The detail and style of this shirt offer a fresh new perspective that is sure to be popular with fans. The brand new Borussia Dortmund jersey is being sold at Cheap Football Shirts Replica now, you can buy the yellow and black jersey to show your loyalty.

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2017-2018 Bayern Munich Home Football Shirt

Adidas and Bayern Munich jointly unveiled the new football jersey for the club in 2017-18 season to pay homage to classic shirts and look forward to the future.

Adidas is a German brand designing and manufacturing sports products. The company was named after its funder Adolf(Adi) Dassler. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Germany and Europe and the second biggest in the world after Nike. Thus, Adidas has provided countless football products for different teams and clubs.

Bayern Munich is a professional football club located in Munich, Germany competing in Bundesliga that is one of Europe’s big five football leagues. According to the latest data, the club ranks the fourth in world clubs, which has improved its power and strength. It has got 26 titles of Bundesliga and 17 titles of Deutscher Fussball Bund Pokal. Bayern won UEFA Europa League in 1995-96 season, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1967, UEFA Super Cup in 2013 and FIFA Club World Cup in 2013. At present, it is the most successful football club in Germany.

Allianz Arena had become the new home stadium of Bayern Munich since the start of 2005-06 season. It is the second-largest arena with a 75,000 seating capacity in Germany behind Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund. There are 106 VIP boxes of various sizes accommodating 1,374 guests, press club with about 350 seats and 227 special seats for the disabled at main entrance/exterior ground level. It hosted one of the venues for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Allianz Arena has been a symbol of glory for the club and Germany.

Traditionally, the home jersey of Bayern Munich is red and white. The brand new 2017-2018 Bayern Munich Home Football Shirt is predominately red, too. Additionally, eye-catching design details are shown on this new jersey. White collar and cuffs make a contrast with the body. Four white vertical stripes are placed on the front of the jersey, and white Adidas three stripes on the shoulders symbolize victory.

The necessary club crest and Adidas brand logo are heat applied on the chest. Blue and white patterns included in the crest come from Freistaat Bayern’s flag. Under the rules of Bundesliga, one star represents five league champions, so there are four five-pointed stars above the club crest.

The new jersey takes inspiration from the shirt worn in 1970s. Players of Bayern Munich wearing the well-designed shirts got three successive champions in 1973-74, 1974-75 and 1975-76 seasons. Therefore, the new shirt combining the classic design and innovative technology can encourage footballers and fans to enjoy the sport on or off football pitches.

The shirt benefits from climacool technology that helps draw sweat away from the skin to keep players cool, dry and comfortable all the time. What’s more, the shirt makes a contribution to environmental protection because it is made from recycled polyester reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

This Adidas Bayern Munich Home Football Shirt 2017-18 allows you to show your support with pride thanks to the club crest on the chest. The products are now on sale at Cheap Football Shirts Replica. Loyal fans will not miss it and can’t wait to buy it to support the club without hesitation.

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