Football Jerseys’ History on Bayern Munich

Upon seeing impressive honors and accolades won by Bayern Munich, each would take it as a competent football club in the Bundesliga. After previous five consecutive winnings as a striking champion, Bayern Munich was the winner of the Bundesliga Champions title for the sixth time. So it is certainly that releases of new football kits have been waited for a long time.

Adjustments of Home Kits’ Color Scheme

In the very beginning, the color scheme of home football kits feature white and blue. Since they joined MSC in 1905, white tops have been matched with black bottoms. From that time, MSC once regulated that all football players have to wear red shorts, which were resisted by all players. Red shorts were regarded as insults to young footballers, because of their absent of experience.

Over the years, football kits of Bayern Munich has witnessed many adjustments. In 1968/69 season, manufactures adopted the home kits to a certain extent, printing white stripes, and matching them with blue shorts and socks. It is astonished that the whole look was changed in 1973/74. Then the football team wore all white football jerseys, which were printed withe red and blue accents.

Together with changes to appearances of home jerseys, some basic elements have been changed, too. So far, the home strips always keep their main elements in general while subtle adjustments have been made.

Cooperation with Adidas

In the last five decades, Adidas is responsible for producing FCB’s home, away, third and training sportswear. For the sake of extending contract, most football fans are accustomed to clothes manufactured by Adidas, speaking highly of their products. Some believes that the reasons of popular products lie in long-term and stable cooperative relationship,which is different with other football clubs who regularly change their manufactures.

In spite of their long-term cooperation over 50 years, Adidas still make efforts to keep pace with times when it refers to styling of football jerseys. It is the attitude that fans trust Adidas for many years. After great successes in the 2017/18 season, Adidas take the opportunity to renew their contract 10 years further. Both parties all would like to see such a extension. So in the following two decades, we would see them tangled together till 2030. It’s said that Adidas and FCB agreed on sky-high sponsor fee €900m.

Hit Home Strips of FCB

After know more about history behind the fiery red classic football shirts, it’s time that we looked into details and concepts of those shirts. In general, football shirts, donning by footballers who have reached a great success, are more likely become popular for great significance. Let’s look at following shirts:

FCB Home Jersey 2012-2013

Bayern Munich Home Shirt 2017-2018

Bayern Munich Home Top 2018-2019

On the predominant red home shirt, some white and gold details are printed on them, forming a unique look for the FCB football kits. In spite of complicated vertical stripes, 2012/13 home jerseys of FCB remind all important memory.

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